Using Augmented Reality (AR) in marketing in Hong Kong & Thailand

By admin, 2013/08/23

We, CRESCERE Group, are developing Augmented Reality (AR) as a marketing tool in Hong Kong and Thailand.

While Japan has just started to use AR in marketing, the strong effects brought by AR has already been very popular among the whole US.

The most famous example of using AR in promotion application is as below:

The great thing about this SP tool is not only about the move and surprise, but it also solves the problem that has long been come across on the online shopping sites.

Although we would like to develop an AR system like this, we were not able to build up a sample as we do not have sufficient technology and techniques in 3D modeling and rendering.

However, our final target is to develop a system which can do these things.

Now, we can develop a system to recognize the picture and display another picture or 3D object/animation on a coupon.

In the future, we would like to increase more attention by inducing mini games.

Besides, we have also created an application as shown below:

You can now put multiple objects in any sizes you like.
This system is developed for the imaging of customers (e.g. the P.O.P (Point Of Purchase) of booth). And this system is meant to be used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug stores.

As AR in marketing is becoming more and more popular, the using of paper as medium should be reviewed.

So that is the business of O2O (Online to Offline).
O2O is, having the advertisement or flyer with a 2D barcode on the first place, and then it can link to the online shopping site easily.

It was difficult to master the information of how many people has read the advertisement or flyer. Despite this fact, nowadays, the importance of making a marketing strategy is, using O2O to understand where people read the advertisement and how many people read the advertisement. If you have the mechanism linking with the database of customer information, you can even understand who the reader is.

We believe that this is a breakthrough in the effect measurement of mass marketing.

If you are also thinking of creating a new mechanism in order to contribute to AR marketing as described above, please contact us if you would like to collaborate with us.