SEO Strategies – Is it necessary to have Japanese version on your web site?

By admin, 2013/08/01

Although there are more and more companies to make websites in Japanese version, the websites in Hong Kong are almost using English and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) only, in which you can barely find websites in Japanese except for the websites of Japanese companies.

However, there are 1.2 million~1.3 million tourists from Japan to Hong Kong per year, which is ranking on the 3rd place of the country of tourists in Hong Kong. As the flight only takes 4~5 hours from Japan to Hong Kong, shopping, dining, Disneyland, and so on are very popular in Hong Kong. Also, as the LCC has arranged more flights from Hong Kong International Airport to Kansai Airport, Hong Kong has become a highly accessible city of Osaka.

It is undeniable that Japanese can only speak their mother language and little English. So recently, there is an increasing trend of making Japanese version websites in Hong Kong. If you would like to target the Japanese, it is highly recommended to build a Japanese website.

Despite the numerous selling of guidebooks, internet remains as the popular way of searching information abroad. In Japan, the internet population (including PC and smartphone users) is above 80%. Yet, when the Japanese search overseas information through the internet, they couldn’t find a website translated with Japanese.

Small number means small competition. To SEO, this is a very advantageous opportunity to be posted on the top page of search engine websites like Google and Yahoo!, and you will be easier to get a higher rank.

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