Number of Smartphone Users in Hong Kong – Penetration: 62.8%

By admin, 2013/09/02

In recent decades, smartphone has become an indispensible part of Hong Kong people’s everyday life.

According to the smartphone survey – “Our Mobile Planet”, which conducted by Google, the number of smartphone user in Hong Kong has been increasing every year.

Below are the statistics of smartphone penetration in Hong Kong from 2011 to 2013.

Smartphone penetration in Hong Kong (Base: total population)

2011: 35.1%

2012: 49.0%

2013: 62.8%

Compared to 2011, the smartphone penetration of 2013 is almost a double.

This increasing trend is believed to be continued. In 10 people, 6 of them are having a smartphone, and 80% of the 6 people are using smartphone every day. In addition, 60% of smartphone users are searching information about restaurants, clubs and bars by smartphone. Therefore, a smartphone homepage and an app that can easily access to your company’s information has already been an effective way of attracting customers nowadays.

Moreover, the ratio of Android and iOS is as follows.

the ratio of Android and iOS in HK


From the survey in July 2013, the percentage of Android users is 69.16%, and that of iOS users is 26.89%. Not only does this happen in Hong Kong, the Android market is also expanding in the whole globe.

Up to now, many clients think that having an iOS app is enough in the mobile market. However, it is undeniable that the creation of an Android app is also needed here and now.

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