Easily mistaken IT terminology (The difference of Home Page, Web Page and Web Site)

By admin, 2013/08/15

Our clients and even some of the people who worked in the IT industry have always mistaken the IT terminology of “Home Page”, “Web Page”, and “Web Site”.

Although these three words have very much similar meaning, there still have few differences in them.

Web page means individual document on the internet. If you are reading this article through the computer screen on the World Wide Web, this article can also be described as 1 web page.

As you group all these individual web pages together into one thing, this thing shall be called as a web site.

What about “Home Page”? Originally, it means the very first page when you start up the web browser. But for now, it can also mean the entrance page of a public web site on the WWW (World Wide Web).

In Japan, many people are calling a “Web Site” as a “Home Page”, and a “Home Page” as a top page or even page.

By knowing the difference, the production company will think that this person is a professional. It’s always good to know a thing that you didn’t know before.

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